AIA Vitality 

AIA Australia commissioned The Reputation Group to launch Vitality, the world’s largest wellness program, which uses incentives and rewards to motivate members to adopt healthy behaviours. 

To kick-start a dialogue on the motivators for good health and introduce AIA Vitality to Australians, The Reputation Group helped compile a White Paper on the issue which was successfully launched at a national forum attended by health sector leaders. The forum’s speakers attracted national media attention.

Following the stakeholder activities, TRG generated consumer interest through an innovative social experiment in Federation Square, Melbourne, which highlighted the effectiveness of incentivisation as a tool to change health behaviours. Conducted with the University of Queensland, people approaching a doughnut truck were encouraged to switch to a fruit salad with a range of incentives. The experiment was filmed and featured on prime time television and other leading media outlets as well as on social media. 

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