Despite widespread public support, Australia’s family consent rate for organ and tissue donation to proceed was just 56 per cent. One in two Australians didn’t know the wishes of their family members and one in three Australians didn’t know that their family’s consent is required for donation to proceed. 

“To DonateLife, Discuss It Today – OK” was Australia’s first national community awareness campaign aimed at closing the gap between a very high level of support for donation and the ultimate ability for donation to proceed, predicated on family consent. The Reputation Group’s role was to educate the community about the facts using both traditional and social media. 

The Reputation Group developed a campaign for DonateLife Week featuring a unique travelling book, the DonateLife Book of Life which was a collection of life-saving and life-changing stories from people touched by organ and tissue donation. The book featured at many events across Australia and was a strong focus for media coverage and community engagement. The campaign won several local and international awards.

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