Our services  

Behaviour change 

Social marketing is one of our core practice areas. We are best known for translating research-based insights into creative campaigns that capture attention, frame agendas, and make a real difference in sparking positive behaviour change. 

Our planning draws on leading behaviour change theories that support the development of evidence-based, effective strategies for influencing attitudes and norms. We know the power of incentives and have used behavioural economics successfully. We also know the value of a collaborative approach to behaviour change. This includes the co-creation of campaigns where the audience and stakeholders play a role in the design and delivery of the campaign. 

Communication plans

We are experts in developing communications strategies. We provide action-oriented plans that act as road maps for your project. 

With our experience we can quickly and accurately sum-up a situation, including how the various target audiences and stakeholders will be affected, highlight the key influencers, identify the risks, develop the messages and how to communicate them best,  implement a content and channel strategy and develop an evaluation plan. 

We begin by thoroughly researching the issue and analysing trends, data and what your public and stakeholders really think. We are equally skilled in strategy and hands-on implementation. Our campaigns are fresh, engaging cost-effective and get results. 

Health and wellness communications

We have a proven record in changing health behaviours and educating Australians about critical health issues.

We have encouraged Australians to become organ donors; engaged parents in issues around responsible alcohol consumption; worked on Australia’s largest initiative to combat obesity; prompted national debate about incentivising health, and motivated Australians to take positive action toprevent asthma, cancer, stroke and heart disease. 

A key point of difference is our knowledge of health policy, the preventive health landscape and health-related stakeholders. Our consultants have worked in and with governments, NGOs, clinicians and the medical media, and have specialist knowledge communicating with families from disadvantaged settings, as well as young people and the elderly. 

Stakeholder relations 

A planned systematic approach to stakeholder engagement and communications will build your reputation.

Our approach to stakeholder engagement is based on an adaptation of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) spectrum, an internationally recognised framework. We use the IAP2 model to map stakeholders according to their level of influence and interest in an organisation and the activities that will best engage them. 

Our experience includes stakeholder and community consultation, facilitation of workshops, the setting up of advisory groups and the development and implementation of stakeholder and community engagement strategies. 

Media relations

Every media campaign needs to tell a story that is timely, relevant and helps an organisation accomplish its business objectives.  

We are meticulous about our research; we keep abreast of societal and media trends; and we ensure that your story gets the attention of the right reader, listener or viewer.  

We work daily with print, broadcast and online media and offer a press office service.

Content development

The media landscape continues to change as people head to each other for news, reviews, ideas and inspiration. If you want your audience to be your biggest advocates you need to create engaging and entertaining content that gives them a reason to get excited. 

We’ve turned social experiments into primetime TV and social media content, got public health experts excited over White Papers, encouraged women to pass on electronic health messages and developed infographics to encourage office workers to get up and move.  

As well as creating engaging content that tells a story, educates and inspires, we help our clients package it in a way that makes people want (and need!) to share it with their friends.   

Digital and social media

Digital and social media are an essential element of any integrated communications approach and have the potential for the cost-effective generation of content.   

The Reputation Group has wide experience in the use of social media in government service delivery and citizen/community engagement. We develop social media strategies and policies, evaluation plans and conversation calendars, and can even manage the day-to-day implementation of your social media accounts. 

Our approach to social media strategy follows a five phase digital marketing process – ‘Articulate’. ‘Connect’, ‘Engage’, ‘Influence’ and ‘Measure/ Rejuvenate’. This process not only identifies social media objectives, target audience and your social voice and personality, but also your priority channels, content strategy, tactics and an influencer plan. 

We can assist with website development and copywriting, content creation, blogging, social media intelligence and online surveys.