Fit, Fab & 50 Cookbook

As an incentive for mid-life women to participate in Healthy Bones Action Week, The Reputation Group created a celebrity cookbook featuring favourite recipes for strong bones and tips for a healthy and fun life from yoga to travelling to exotic places.

Once women hit 50 their daily dairy recommendations jump from 2.5 to 4 serves, however, statistics show less than one in 1,000 women of this age achieve these recommendations. 

TRG recruited ten popular female food personalities, to contribute a calcium rich recipe for the cookbook as well as their tips for enjoying a healthy life. Those participating included household names such as Maggie Beer, Christine Mansfield, Belinda Jeffrey and Lyndey Milan.

The book was a success, encouraging nearly 1,500 women to sign up for the Fit Fab & 50 Challenge during Healthy Bones Action Week in 2016. Since then the book has been widely distributed. The book’s ambassadors applauded the initiative, with many promoting it through their blogs and social media channels.