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Local Mums, Local Stories 

Dandenong families consume less vegetables than other Victorians. To tackle this issue, The Reputation Group worked with Healthy Together Greater Dandenong to engage mums in helping develop a campaign to spread healthy eating messages to their peers.

Using co-creation, TRG involved local mums from local playgroups in the campaign’s creative design process to develop activities which appealed to them and their friends.

Local mums starred in the campaign and became role models for choosing vegetables over take-away food. Their personal stories about raising healthy kids featured on postcards and posters. More than 110 playgroups received guidance on holding educational sessions with mums. Cooking demonstrations also were held at Dandenong Market, where mums were given free vegetable vouchers and recipe cards.

Many mothers attended educational sessions at their playgroups with posters, postcards and healthy eating prompts being placed in their venues. A post-activity survey highlighted that half of the mums would consider buying and eating more vegetables because of the campaign.